Spearfishing and Underwater Hockey - South East Queensland

Spearfishing - Safe Sustainable Selective Seafood

Tweed Gold Coast Freedivers is a spearfishing club affiliated with the Australian Underwater Federation – Queensland (AUFQ).

The club values responsible and safe diving and sustainable and selective fishing.

Tweed-Gold Coast Freediving Club Spearfishing Competitions 

The Tweed Gold Coast Freediving Club holds regular spearfishing competitions around the Tweed Heads area and also various locations throughout South East Queensland. 


First Quarter 2018 

 11th Feb (Sun) Individual Tweed Heads High 

 25th Feb (Sun) True Pairs Tweed Heads

 11th Mar (Sun) Individual Choice of Location High 

25th Mar (Sun) True Pairs Choice of Location 

7th or 8th Apr (Sat/Sun)  Back up/Novelty* (TBA) Choice of Location 

  Second Quarter 2018  

22nd Apr (Sun) True Pairs Tweed Heads 

6th May (Sun) Individual Tweed Heads 

20th May (Sun) True Pairs Choice of Location 

10th Jun (Sun) Individual Choice of Location 

24th Jun (Sat/Sun) Back up/Novelty* (TBA) Choice of Location 

Third Quarter 2018

8th Jul (Sun) Individual Tweed Heads

22nd Jul (Sun) True Pairs Tweed Heads High 

5th Aug (Sun) Individual Choice of Location 

19th Aug (Sun) True Pairs Choice of Location 

 25th or 25th Aug (Sat/Sun) Back up/Novelty* (TBA) Choice of Location 

 Fourth Quarter 2018 

 9th Sep (Sun) True Pairs Tweed Heads 

23rd Sept (Sun) Individual Tweed Heads 

7th Oct (Sun) True Pairs Choice of Location 

21 st Oct (Sun) Individual Choice of Location 

3rd or 4th Nov (Sat/Sun) Back up/Novelty* (TBA) Choice of Location 

End of Competition Season for 2018 

11th Nov (Sun) Novelty* (TBA) Choice of Location 

19th or 20th Jan 2019 Novelty* (TBA)

For more information contact the club via Email or Facebook 

mailto:[email protected] 



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Spear Safe

Spear Safe is a national initiative to improve safety for Australian spearfishers. The initiative involves some of Australia’s top divers and attempts to bring together a cohesive view on safety issues involved with spear-fishing.

Spear Safe has the potential to save lives and greatly reduce the number of injuries and fatalities occurring all over Australia associated with spearfishing. read more>

Underwater Hockey

AUF - Spearfishing

The Australian Underwater Federation (AUF) is a representative body that operates from the national to the local level and covers the sports of spearfishing, scuba diving and underwater hockey. The AUF as an organization provides rules for spearfishing competitions, record keeping, codes of conduct and importantly, representation to government and other community groups. read more>

AUF - Queensland

The A.U.F.Q. is the Queensland State branch of the Australian Underwater Federation (AUF). read more>