Spearfishing and Underwater Hockey - South East Queensland

Underwater Hockey
The Bullrouts are the official Underwater Hockey Team of the Gold Coast (Australia).

We play every Tuesday at 7.30pm at the Southport Pool and every Wednesday at the Currumbin Palm Beach pool also at 7.30pm. DIrections to both pools can be found in our "Notes" section.

If you love swimming and teamsports - you will love this game!

All ages & abilities are welcome to play & join!
The first game is FREE, after that every game is $5

Membership fees vary depending ($30+ p/a) on whether you take part in comps and spearfishing activities...but we guarantee you won't go broke by joining :-D

If you can bring your own Mask, Snorkel and Fins. We have the rest.
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Spear Safe

Spear Safe is a national initiative to improve safety for Australian spearfishers. The initiative involves some of Australia’s top divers and attempts to bring together a cohesive view on safety issues involved with spear-fishing.

Spear Safe has the potential to save lives and greatly reduce the number of injuries and fatalities occurring all over Australia associated with spearfishing. read more>

Underwater Hockey

AUF - Spearfishing

The Australian Underwater Federation (AUF) is a representative body that operates from the national to the local level and covers the sports of spearfishing, scuba diving and underwater hockey. The AUF as an organization provides rules for spearfishing competitions, record keeping, codes of conduct and importantly, representation to government and other community groups. read more>

AUF - Queensland

The A.U.F.Q. is the Queensland State branch of the Australian Underwater Federation (AUF). read more>